Dream Virtual Academy


"If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be."-Maya Angelou

The Dream Virtual Academy is a place of learning, a place of creativity, a place of innovative rigor, a place of acceptance, a place where dreams are nurtured, and more importantly, it is a place of hope. Here at The Dream Virtual Academy, we lay the foundation of hope by catering to the whole child during their earliest primary and secondary stages of learning and development. We commit ourselves to focus on every scholar’s academic, spiritual, physical, and social-emotional needs. Our current scholars range from grades K-8. Each scholar enrolled in our innovative and imaginative virtual academy is unique; therefore, we individualize instruction for each scholar based on his or her needs. Our distinct remote learning program provides us with the opportunity to focus on individual learning differences and learning styles.

The Dream Virtual Academy is designed to be a place of refuge. We will also offer a variety of clubs, extracurricular activities, and socio-emotional support to your precious scholar. We are a non-traditional school, which means that we will monitor progress in a non-traditional way. We will measure how each scholar is mastering each skill or standard. This will make it easy for parents and students to track progress to see how each scholar is developing within a certain skill or domain. Our academy boasts a trained staff who interchangeably have a variety of specializations and certifications to meet each scholar’s needs. Here at The Dream, we are dedicated to facilitating your scholar’s learning through our commitment to creating a thriving culture and climate that lays the foundation for your sweet scholar so that they- Think Big, Learn Big, Create Big, and Dream Big.

Hope for a Better Tomorrow,

J. Killiebrew, Ph.D.


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