"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their DREAMS."-Eleanor Roosevelt


    Blended platforms coupled with online teacher facilitation

     Online Platform

    Derived from a fully accredited program. You will receive all student login information upon enrollment.


      We can generate transcripts, report cards, documentation, and  diplomas

     Connected Teachers

      Live teachers are available throughout the school day to facilitate learning



      We can offer up to 6-7 courses including electives for your scholar to work at his or her pace and at his or her          skill level with the support of a teacher coaching them through each lesson 



     Video-based lessons, interactive practice problems, help videos for difficult concepts, reviews & exams,           memorization drills, digital books, and onsite lesson plans.


      Intervention & Remediation

     If your scholar struggles with a concept or lesson, we will provide additional instruction, remediation, and support



    If your scholar is mastering a skill quickly we can accelerate or increase the rigor.


      The online platforms we use, as well as the teacher of record, will keep daily attendance and grades.

​      Standards-Based

       We focus on skill mastery to help learners establish strong foundations, so there's no limit to what students 

can learn next!

     Social Construct

    Scholars will have the opportunity to socialize with their peers each day

     Supplemental Work

    We will also send scholars a standards-based supplemental "work kit" each month via email or mail to supplement their online learning.

     Field Trips

     We will also schedule virtual field trips to support learning.


     Project-Based Learning

    The students will also have at least  PBL assignments each month. 


      We are committed to training scholars to be creative writers and creative thinkers when reading. We will offer  RTI and Culturally Responsive RTI for those who need it. We will encourage readers to engage in age-appropriate daily and monthly independent readings.