• Dr. Jazz Killiebrew

There is No Easy Answer: Give Yourself Some Grace

If you send your child back to school or daycare, you may feel guilty, ashamed, worried, relieved, or like you have been forced to make a decision that could potentially inadvertently cause your child harm or danger. If you keep your child out of school, you may feel, overwhelmed, worried, stretched too thin, unprepared, or like you have failed to provide the amount of attention, time, resources, and socialization that your child may need on a daily basis. In March of this year, many of us voyaged onto unchartered territory with no sight of respite. This territory was a place that our parents and grandparents have been, but also one that would prove itself to be both a pleasant and unpleasant struggle for us all. The joys of quality time, togetherness, and simplicity reinvigorated many of us. However, the uncertainty and blindness of living during a pandemic with no resolution in sight sometimes overshadowed the good in all of this.

How can everything be at our fingertips, yet so far out of reach? How can we get food, groceries, tv shows, movies, and other services on-demand, while the peace we so desperately need seems so far out of reach? The truth is, there is no easy answer. You have never been a parent during a pandemic, you have never been an essential worker during a pandemic, you have never been here, at this place during this time. I challenge you to give yourself some grace. As you continue to make monumental decisions about your child's future, your professional future, and the future of your family don't forget to pause to breathe. No one knows what the future holds for our schools or our nation, but we do know that as long as we make decisions using our hearts and our heads, we will be okay. Rise up and make daily choices with fidelity, integrity, precision, and optimism. This is new for us all, but together, there is always hope for a better tomorrow. #Giveyourselfsomegrace


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