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 Our September Dream Tip!

Although some characteristics of mindfulness are innate, the more we practice healthy thinking habits, the better we become at navigating our emotions. Mindfulness is not only essential for your child, it is also essential for you. Please check out and implement the mindfulness tips below. Be kind to yourself and grow as you go.


  1. Always be present and in the moment.

  2. Practice deep breathing. Feel your breaths. Breathe in and breathe out.

  3. Listen to understand and not to respond.

  4. Forgive yourself and others daily. Forgive yourself for all the negative thoughts that you think about you.

  5. Trust yourself and be vulnerable enough to trust others.

  6. Empty your mind. Take moments to be still.

  7. Go on quiet walks with nature.

  8. Choose affirmations or kind words to say to yourself daily.

  9. Journal.

  10. Speak your truth and use your voice.

  11. Practice compassion.

  12. Show gratitude for the good moments and grace for the bad.